Ohio asbestos legislation

The U.S. Chamber in the News - December 14

Wall Street Journal Misrepresents Personal Injury Law In Support Of ALEC Effort To Deny Asbestos Relief In Ohio

A Wall Street Journal editorial echoed right-wing talking points to endorse an Ohio bill that would restrict asbestos victims from proving their claims at trial. But the editorial, which claims "rampant fraud" exists in asbestos-related litigation, provides no evidence of systemic abuse, conceals the fact that multiple companies can be legally responsible for asbestos injuries, and fails to disclose that the state legislation is a corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council bill pushed by top Republican ALEC officials…. Instead, the editorial repeats talking points of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in support of a bill not only modeled after ALEC legislation, but pushed by a Republican state senator, Bill Seitz, who was also co-chair of ALEC's "Civil Justice Task Force."  [Media Matters for America]

BDA, Chamber Warn Volcker Rule Could Hurt Munis

Bond Dealers of America and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce warned lawmakers Thursday that the so-called Volcker Rule could restrict liquidity in the muni bond market and raise issuers' costs…. Written testimony submitted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said the rule could prohibit banks, when underwriting, from holding bonds in inventory while they line up customers. Those banks may delay underwriting bonds until buyers are found in advance, the Chamber said. "Imagine a municipality or a hospital facing a critical funding need. Under the Volcker rule, they may go bankrupt waiting for a bank to line up the funding. Or, they would end up paying a crippling rate," the Chamber wrote in its testimony. The rule already exempts bonds issued by state and local governments.  [The Bond Buyer ($)]


The U.S. Chamber in the News - December 6

On the cutting edge of ‘fiscal cliff’ lobbying

The U.S. Chamber is still the most influential lobbying outfit in the capital. But the chamber has lost its premier status — at least in the theatrics of the White House-led fiscal cliff discussions. In part, that’s because top White House officials view the chamber with suspicion because of its hard-line support for GOP candidates over the past decade. The  [Washington Post]

The big business of fiscal cliff

It's a classic Washington phenomenon: Ahead of a major deal, corporate clients and other groups pay a premium to the Washington influence machinery to make sure their interests are protected….The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, meanwhile, is focusing its attention on leveraging the 7.5 million grassroots activists in its database and also has plans to push out more analysis in the coming weeks. [The Star-Ledger ]


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